Hi, my name is Kyle
This website for demo purposes!

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Self-driven — Quick to learn

Hello, I made this website to showcase my skills and interests. Below you'll find some examples of my work, as well as generic stock photos for design purposes. I (will) have a more straightforward portfolio linked below.


  • DevOps Tools
    • Jenkins
    • Ansible, Puppet, Chef
    • Docker, Vagrant
    • Maven, Gradle, Ant+
    • CloudFormation, AWS Lambda


  • Programming Languages
    • Java
    • Python (Django, Flask, Pandas, NumPy)
    • C#
    • JS

Systems Engineer

  • Certifications and tools
    • AWS Solutions Architect - Associate
    • Linux Administration (CentOS/RedHat, Mint)
    • VM Ware, VM Box
    • Scripting (bash, python)
    • Network troubleshooting


  • SDET/QA Tools
    • Selenium
    • Cucumber
    • JUnit, Mockito, JMeter, JaCoCo
    • pytest
    • Mocha
    • Sonarqube

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Section under construction. Not intended to be a true portfolio site, but might as well self plug.


Java test sample

Purposely flawed Java code
Uses SureFire, JaCoCo, Sonarqube, and JUnit

Embedded interactive graph

Graph using Bokeh, website using flask.


Built in Django
Tetris screenshot


Built in C#

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This section contains filler text for a list of fake testimonials! If this was a company providing a service, this is where user experiences would be shared! Alberto Balsalm
The contact form below if functional if you would like to reach out. Lorem ipsum! Joana Silva
The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. Jeffery Lei

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